22 July 2007

Where the heck is Hanging Grove?

Hanging Grove is a township in Jasper Co, Indiana, where Christian and Polly moved from Rush Co, IN. Hanging Grove is directly east of Marion Twp where Rensselaer, the county seat, is located. But there isn't much in Hanging Grove township except a lot of open space...farm land...looks like most anywhere in rural Kansas, only much more lush. Think Kansas on MiracleGro.

FYI: Be aware that when traveling in the interior of Northern Indiana, you can't get to anywhere from anywhere quickly. What may look like the shortest, and therefore fastest, route on a road map will not be. Pick a "longer" route that includes the interstate into or out of Gary, IN...on the outer edge of Chicago's suburbs...and don't leave it until you absolutely have to. Otherwise, plan to snap plenty of pics of the pretty scenery you'll see on the "B" roads. Don't worry about whizzing along too fast for good pics...there's no such thing as "fast" on the back roads of northern Indiana. Consider it practice for driving in rural England.

If you ever do get to Rensselaer, detailed county maps are available at the courthouse for $2. Worth every penny. Same for lunch at the cafe-bar across the street with the unusual name...I kid you not...The City Office & Pub, a cross between diner and Irish pub. Their egg salad on a croissant, melt-in-your-mouth waffle fries, and fresh-squeezed lemonade will make you forget what a hassle it was to get there.